ANF Company was established in 1995 in Iran as a private company and is one of the powerful companies in the engineering and technical field.

At first, the company has extended its activates about:

·         Repair, reconstruction, erection, and commissioning of the power transformer.

·         Repair, reconstruction, erection, and commissioning of the special transformer.

·         Repair, reconstruction, erection, and commissioning of reactor transformer.

·         Repair, reconstruction, erection, and commissioning of high voltage electromotor and power plant’s generator (rotor and stator).

·         Repair, reconstruction, erection, and commissioning of power transformer tap changer (on load and off circuit tap changers)

ANF Company’s pleasures always are:

The most important purpose for ANF company is the quality of its projects and product, herein all of his clients and customer has been appreciated themselves project that has been done in this company. According to the company, experience preparing a high-quality job need a lot of vital elements like well-experienced staff, usage of desirable material, and pay more attention to the respective standards according to this reason, the company respect all of these elements and intensively observance all the rules.

According to up ANF Company have been thinking, training to the human source is one of the basic tents. Because of this ideology, the company’s youth personnel are so thoroughbred, and this personnel always help to the company until do the project very tide and completely. The main rule and low of the company are Observances of the respective standards because it’s essential to preparing the high-quality project and product and this point is completely visible in the company’s project and product.

Because of the transformers, generator, reactor, and electromotor usage in industrial and company, most of the company’s entire project is emergency and company must manage the time and prepare the project and equipment at least time. For managing this matter ANF Company’s personnel have been training exactly and they could manage the project by science and special schedule. Therefore during 24/7 ANF Company is prepared to a reply to his client and workmate’s matters. It’s diaphanous repairing the transformers and some equipment like it need a powerful schedule for managing the project. Herein ANF Company always has been responsible about this point and tries to do the project and handle them in a great way.

What’s the employer expectancy?? (Why ANF. Co??)

  • Preparing the high-quality service.
  • Preparing the service in the minimum time.
  • Explain to the customer and client during the repairing and construction of their project and transformer. ANF Companyalways let his client know about their project development, answer exactly their technical question, and pay attention to their logical suggestion.

ANF Company’s prospect

  • Prepare and manage the company’s duty and work that employers need to them in a great way.
  • Supply and product reserve equipment of transformers, on-load tap changer electromotor, and generator.
  • Study and present a new method for achieve to the high quality and increase the transformers longevity and help to decrease the loss of the power
  • Instruction to personnel about new technical science and help to them about do their best.
  • Present the instruction to the employer technical personnel about service and maintenance of the equipment.